Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Useful Camera Analogy

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We spoke with Dr. David Davenport, a specialist in infectious disease and clinical associate professor at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine on Aug 11, 2020 about coronavirus and the impact on our industry.  Back in April we chatted with Dr. Davenport about the new work environment we were going to be facing in photo and video production.

Now that we are facing that work environment and getting back on set, he updated us on what we’ve learned about COVID-19 since we last spoke and what new best practices we can implement.  You can listen to the Zoom call in its entirety here.  You can also watch short clips from our call answering many of your questions on our YouTube channel.

We wanted to draw your attention to Dr. Davenport’s useful “camera analogy” for […]

Finding your Niche and Asking for Help

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How does a wedding DJ end up touring the world, curating a mid-century modern furniture rental business, and managing a complex of warehouse spaces in LA?

Meet Michael Antonia, the brains and beat behind Mission Road Studio – LA’s cool industrial warehouse complex for film production, fashion shoots, parties, and more. […]

Amy Rose Productions: Sharing Everything

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The Space for Arts team had the chance to chat with Melissa Amy and Chelsea Rose of Amy Rose Productions. We discussed the challenges and joys of opening a new studio, what it means to be a part of a community, and how all of that ties together in the time of COVID-19.

Space for Arts – Focus on Women

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Recently, Space for Arts co-Founder Elizabeth Davison chatted with Traci Terrick owner of Poppy Creative Agency and a co-Founder of Focus on Women.


Focus on Women is an organization that Space for Arts supports and with which it collaborates. Focus on Women is on a mission to elevate and promote women in the photography and videography industry, from PA’s to Producers, Photographers, Directors, Art Directors and Photo Agents, giving them all a seat at the table. Helping to expand their community by providing the resources to connect with other like-minded organizations, attend networking and workshop events, find a mentor or volunteer to be a mentor and eventually, being able to create a directory that will let women hire all female crews.

Safety Protocols for “Socially Distanced” Photo/Video Productions

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As we begin to re-engage in non-essential work, including film and photo shoots, over the next 12-18 months (before there is rapid testing or a vaccine available), we will need to take special precautions to ensure the safety of our crews, as well as taking into account greater public health concerns.

There is no 100% safe way to begin production with more than one person present, but there is a wide spectrum of riskier vs. safer productions, and well-organized productions that follow medically advised safety protocols will be safer than those that aren’t.

Let’s be careful as a community and look out for groups that are trying to rush back to work without the proper safety protocols, and let’s arm ourselves with the best information available to be able to assess the risk of individual shoots, and display situational awareness on set to protect ourselves, and our colleagues. If you […]

Tutes: Purpose & Passion

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Jose “Tutes” Tutiven is a Bronx-based photographer whose work is known for its warmth and energy. Tutes captures the everyday and the extraordinary, making it all exciting, whether he is working with a Fortune 500 company or his local neighborhood. Space for Arts was fortunate to pick his brain on career insights, the ideal studio space, and creating community in the photography industry.

What have been some of your career highlights so far?

I think the one that stands out the most is being commissioned to work with Oprah Winfrey. It was at the cusp of social media becoming a major digital marketing platform. The Oprah Winfrey marketing team wanted to create this whole new style for social media. They saw my images, and loved what I was producing as an authentic and organic look. They wanted the same type of vibe for their social media at O. For […]

Ellie Pritts named Director of Digital Marketing

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SfA is pleased to announce that Ellie Pritts has been named Director of Digital Marketing.  Recently, she chatted with us about joining SfA and her journey from photography to digital marketing.

You’ve been involved with SfA for about a year now, what has drawn you to a more formal and involved role?
It really comes down to two things: passion and company culture. As a photographer and production professional, I am innately passionate about the many ways Space for Arts seeks to improve the studio booking process. The need for a comprehensive solution is definitely there, and I truly believe in Space for Arts’ ability to revolutionize that part of our industry. But perhaps more importantly, the company culture can’t be beat! Betsy and Van are not only hard working and intelligent, they are incredibly compassionate and transparent. I value these qualities very highly in myself, and […]

Shannon McKenzie Joins SfA Advisory Board

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Shannon J. McKenzie is an industry leader in digital media. As the Director of Product Development at NBCUniversal, McKenzie has led the design and development of enterprise platforms and consumer products. As an Emmy winning producer, McKenzie has created and produced over 800 digital experiences for entertainment, news, film, and sports. She has brought the world’s largest stories to screens of all sizes; including The Olympics, The World Cup, The Super Bowl, The Oscars and more. McKenzie also holds multiple patents and has designed and developed technologies for creative management platforms, analytics products and consumer facing sites and apps. SfA is excited to welcome her to the Advisory Board.

What are some of the challenges and highlights producing technical products for such big media events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics?

The biggest challenge is the level of coordination required. Most production teams work cross-functionally, today, but with […]

Space for Arts featured on WWD

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Space for Arts was recently featured in an article on Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), a digital fashion-industry trade journal. Speaking with co-founders Elizabeth Davison and Van Gothner, the article focuses on Space for Art’s technology advancements to streamline the studio booking process.

Read the full article here: New Platform to Ease Clunky Process of Booking Studio Space