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Michele Romero joins SfA Advisory Board

Space for Arts (“SfA”) is very pleased to announce that Michele Romero has agreed to join our Advisory Board.

Michele Romero is a senior level Creative Director of Original Image Content with a focus on global pop culture for brands with worldwide social media reach.  She spent 29 years at Entertainment Weekly Magazine as a Photo Editor–from start-up until it’s recent move to a monthly brand. Michele has produced award winning work from concept to final product with renowned professional photographers such as, Brigitte Lacombe, Mary Ellen Mark, Anton Corbijn, Art Streiber, Martin Schoeller, Platon, Peggy Sirota, Marco Grob, Michael Muller, Danny Clinch, Dana Lixenberg, Dan Winters, Ruven Afanador, Frank W. Ockenfels 3, and Richard Phibbs among others.

Michele is known for her original ideas that have become memorable covers, movie posters, and advertising campaigns. She is passionate about the history of photography and art and […]

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Guest Post: Tips for an Independently Produced Photoshoot

Putting together an independently produced photoshoot for the first time? Or are you looking for new and improved ways to refine your process? Our tips below will set you up for success and provide insight about how to execute a photoshoot you’re proud of.

Courtesy of the Art of Freelance. Written by Mathieu Young. Original article published here.

independently produced photoshoot

Lifestyle shoot by Mathieu Young.

Have a vision

It all starts here. Your job as an artist is to find a way to translate your ideas, experience, passion, curiosity into imagery that inspires your audience. 

Start with the end in mind. Imagine you have successfully completed this photoshoot. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who would you ideally like to see these photos (“everyone” is a bad answer. Get specific.)
  • How do you want your audience to feel after they’ve seen these photos?
  • Is […]
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William Claxton


“Photography is jazz for the eyes.


— William Claxton


Of course we love William Claxton’s record covers, another great example of the cross-pollination between photography and music. Claxton’s books remain in publication, but did you know that he is also credited with creating the ‘first fashion video’ with his 1967 film Basic Black, shot with his wife Peggy Moffit? A must-watch, and a must-revisit source for a wealth of ideas.

William Claxton


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Looks Galore: Cass Bird

Cass Bird has a whole career of documenting and portraying femininities, so it makes sense that she shot this amazing group portrait of the leaders of the Women’s March on Washington for Vogue in a Bronx warehouse studio. It’s the intensity of this shot that grabs us, the engagement of each and every subject as they look poised to burst out of the frame like sprinters leaping out of the starting gate. But the shot also telegraphs the electricity of the group, ready to act together for a common purpose– while notably the story behind the photo shoot tells that this was only the second time the contingent had all met each other.  Iconic.

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Good News: Ektachrome

By now you’ve heard that Kodak is bringing its legendary film stock Ektachrome back into production. We can’t wait! Why not Kodachrome too? KODAK explains that the skills required to successfully develop Kodachrome have been lost when the film stock was discontinued. Here’s to hoping that Ektachrome sees the same return to usage that vinyl records and analog cassette tapes have enjoyed in recent years.

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Covet: Peter Lindbergh, A Different Vision


Taschen has published a book of more than 400 images captured by the famed studio photographer Peter Lindbergh. There is commentary throughout from friends and colleagues like Cindy Crawford, Anna Wintour, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

From Vogue’s list of the 10 best fashion tomes of the year.

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