Sally Singer: Behind the Scenes

Sally Singer, Vogue’s Creative Digital Director, is a master in storytelling, finding new ways to provoke our imagination and capture our attention. Singer has an impressive resume of professional experience including  the London Review of Books and British Vogue. She first joined the American Vogue in 1999, working as a fashion news and features director, transitioned to T: The New York Times Style Magazine in 2010, then returned to Vogue as their Creative Digital Director. Singer has fostered creativity to continually shape the way fashion exists in our world.

Photo by Paul Jasmin

What have been some of your career highlights?

A couple of years ago when Chelsea Manning was released from the penitentiary, my colleague Jordan Bikham and I created and sent her a capsule wardrobe for when she exited prison. Given that she was imprisoned before announcing […]

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Joe Pugliese: Documenting Our Times

Joe Pugliese has photographed scientists, authors, performers, creative geniuses, and everyday people and documented their fascinating stories. His photographs of prominent and prosaic peoples have garnered recognition and respect, such as earning him the APA National 2018 Photo Contest “Best of Show.” Space for Arts was fortunate to speak with Joe in between his travels to capture the culture and stories of our time.

What has been a favorite part of your career?

I think meeting people in the public eye – not so much celebrities, but people who are doing interesting things that are culturally or technologically ahead of their time. Steve Jobs stands out in my mind as an example. I was lucky to meet him, and in a normal world he would still be with us, making all sorts of inventions. That situation reminds me how important it is […]

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Miranda Penn Turin Reveals the Epic – Part I

With an intention to reveal the epic, Miranda Penn Turin has captured the heroic, the beautiful, and the humanity in her photographs regardless of where she is in the world. A specialist in portraits, fashion, and beauty, her clients include Coty, Max Factor, Sony, Universal, Bloomingdales, Fox, Warner Bros. Records, Converse, Conde Nast, the Four Seasons, Chase, MTV and many others. Her images of the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu provide the cover art for the New York Times top ten bestseller The Book of Joy. She currently works with Voices 4 Freedom, a humanitarian organization combating human trafficking. She will be sharing her stories and insights in the upcoming “An Evening with Miranda Penn Turin.”

This is the first article in a two-part series with Miranda Penn Turin, focusing on her insights to the industry.

What are the biggest challenges […]

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Pamela Littky’s Look at the World

Pamela Littky’s photography captures the well-known surprising and vulnerable moments that can be both disarming and intimate. In the same breath, she is using her unique eye to document the less glamorous but equally compelling components of American culture. Littky has released two monographs: Vacancy and The Villa Bonita. Additionally, she and her work have been recognized with awards and honors including the 2016 PDN Selected Image; One Shot: One World Honorable Mentions in 2014 for Kid Cudi, Blue Bus, Steve Martin, and Middle of Nowhere; and Communication Arts Honorable Mention in 2011, to name a few. Littky will be sharing stories with Todd Heughens at APA’s upcoming “An Evening With” series, sponsored by Space for Arts.

What have been your career highlights to date?

The first one that always comes to mind when asked this question is when I photographed Oprah, which I’m sure will probably seem obvious for […]

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Marcel Saba Shares the Agent Perspective

Photo by (c) Ben Baker

Marcel Saba is the founder of Redux Pictures, an award winning New York based commercial and editorial agency with photographers located around the world. Redux artists have photographed portraits of world leaders, CEOs, politicians, athletes and celebrities. They have documented everything from social issues to global issues.

Regular Redux editorial clients include; Afar, Politico, Fortune, ESPN, The New York Times Magazine, GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Stern, Paris Match, New York Magazine, Bloomberg, CNN, Reader’s Digest, Time Magazine, People, Rolling Stone & AARP to name a few.

Marcel has served as both President and board member for the Eugene Smith Foundation. He has also served as a faculty member of the International Center of Photography. Recently, he joined the Space for […]

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Ellie Pritts: Colorful Collaboration

Photo of Ellie Pritts by Sela Shiloni

Ellie Pritts’ imaginative perspective and polychromatic aesthetic is a powerful artistic expression that deserves and has garnered marvel and attention. Her online presence has equally captivated a multitude of audiences not only through her own Instagram account @elliepritts, but also through the world’s first collaborative photography app, Hippo, which she founded in 2016 before moving on to help launch Apple’s official Instagram account, @apple. She recently joined the Space for Arts team.

What are your favorite stories across your career?

As a photographer, I have shot a lot of musicians and continue to work with many of them, some whom are famous and some who are not. One of my favorite memories was when I was working for the […]

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Karen Frank: Talking Body with ESPN Director of Photography

Color head shot of Karen Frank
Karen Frank, Director of Photography, ESPN

Karen Frank is ESPN The Magazine’s Director of Photography and the driving force behind the annual Body Issue. Space for Arts was lucky to host Karen Frank in Berlin for a Women in Photography event, and is even more fortunate to discuss her career, the industry, and inspirations with her once again.

Karen Frank kisses a unicorn
Photographer: Chris Buck

What have been the defining moments of your career?

I started my career as a photo editor at GQ. It was an amazing experience to start there at a time when print was golden – magazines were fat with advertisements, there was a huge budget for photography and we made photo assignments even for the smallest photo that would run in […]

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Allyson Torrisi: A Creative Conversation

Allyson Torrisi - black and white head shot
A smiling Allyson Torrisi

Allyson Torrisi has been instrumental in creating visual and dynamic images in the modern magazine world. The current Deputy Director of Photography for People Magazine, Allyson understands style, production, and blending the two for unique memorable photographs and spreads. She has worked for Popular Mechanics, Men’s Journal, Turner Broadcasting, and In-Style Magazine, giving her incredible experience alongside a keen eye for the creative. 

What are your favorite stories across your career?

My all time favorite shoot was the 40th anniversary of the moon walk. Initially, my editor in chief  and I planned on photographing portraits of the three astronauts, but Neil Armstrong did not want to participate. Neil was somewhat famous for not doing press about the moonwalk because he […]

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In Conversation with Chalkley Calderwood

Photo by Melanie Acevedo

With 25 years of experience as a creative director and now making her mark as a filmmaker, Chalkley Calderwood is a storyteller extraordinaire. Recently working with Space for Arts on their LUX & ASA studio video, her clients include National Geographic, Maven and Hearst. Her film making ranges from documentaries about lobster men to commercial work with hotels to a DIY series for Popular Mechanics that will have you gearing up to get hands-on. Calderwood not only has an eye for the visual, but for the heart of the story, emphasizing the narratives of the people they belong to.

What are your favorite stories across your career?

One of my favorites when I was a Creative Director was a story for Green […]

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In Conversation with Barbara Griffin

Portrait of Barbara Griffin

Photo credit to Art Streiber

Barbara Griffin has a national reputation as a creative director, photo editor, and industry leader. Experienced in creating connections between artwork, stories, and brands, Barbara worked for Turner Broadcasting System for over 20 years transforming ideas into images. Now, she is spearheading her own photography consultation company, Barbara Griffin Productions, L.L.C., and is an acting member of the advisory council for ATL Photo Night and president emerita for Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  Additionally, she recently joined the Space for Arts Advisory Board.

What are the defining experiences across your career?

Having my first magazine job was defining for me because then everything changed.  I had a lot of photo agency experience, but this was where I […]

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