Space for Arts and EyeEm teamed up this summer to sponsor a mission looking for photographic representations of creative space. Creative space is a concept embracing the mental, physical, and emotional environments within which creativity operates. It is something you must carve out and claim for yourself. The mission launched June 13th, with a week for photographers of all levels from across the globe to submit their favorite shots.

EyeEm is the world’s leading mobile photography community marketplace, making it a prime resource for photographers, producers, and creative directors alike. Unlike platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, which focus on real time communication, EyeEm is building the next generation photography content platform. The Berlin-based company has created a rich digital archive of photos. Photographers retain their rights and are in control of choosing which photos to sell to brands, agencies, designers, etc. And with millions of images to offer to clients, leading brands can utilize all of EyeEm’s state-of-art technology to tap into and search for content while a community of millions of photographers have a platform to connect.

Missions are one of EyeEm’s prominent services, developing full-fledged campaigns to find unique talents for unique clients. By challenging more than 20 million photographers around the world, missions facilitate engaging visuals on a global scale. Brands utilizing this feature can measure real-time engagement, see daily curations from the in-house team and the most relevant results trained by the EyeEm Vision technology based on chosen aesthetics.

The Creative Space mission drew more than 12,000 submissions. After EyeEm narrowed the curation down to the top 100, the winners were selected by Allyson Torrisi, the Director of Photography at Hearst. Winning shots will also be displayed at an exhibition party on July 12th at one of Space for Arts listings: the Meatpacking 1700 sq ft Studio.

The July 12th event also starts an exciting new collaboration between Space for Arts and EyeEm. The companies will be accepting applications from NYC-based photographers for sponsored studio time. Photographers need to submit their passion projects and at least 10 lucky recipients will be able to bring their ideas to life.