Today, June 10th, Space for Arts (SfA) is proud to introduce a significantly enhanced and upgraded SfA marketplace platform.

Our community will first notice a new look, heralding the new build of our marketplace platform. This release of our marketplace platform has greatly improved functionality reflecting what studio owners and creatives have taught us over the last 24 months and mirroring the industry’s established business practices & processes.

Our new look is fresher and crisper communicating our core brand tenants of; Trust, Community and Elegance.

Trust – a reliable tool bringing together vetted studios with established production professionals. A trusted professional tool for global professionals

Community – a devotion to the creative community and giving back to this community; through talks, workshops and colloquia that bring the community together. Promoting the community, informing the community and strengthening the community.

Elegance – in the design of the look of the platform and in the design of the technology and tools which address the challenges of the creative community which we serve.

What are the major changes beyond the look and feel of the site that will be deployed during June?

  • An enhanced and more robust search tool. Through combining a thorough list of studio attributes optimized for production requirements and utilizing free text search, creative professionals will be able to quickly identify studios which suit the specific needs of their project
  • A booking tool that is modeled on established business processes and practices. You will be able to easily book, but you will also be able to place holds on studios with the SfA system regularly reminding all parties of the hold. Our system will also allow for challenges facilitated by instant messaging to clear a hold for the creative ready to commit.
  • A calendar showing studio availability in real time. The upcoming release of the SfA platform will include a calendar so studios can make their availability known to booking creatives.
  • Communications, SfA will enhance its communications with both studios and booking creatives with text message alerts for booking inquiries, holds and challenges. Studio owners will immediately be made aware of interest in their studio enabling them to respond and engage with a booking creative within a timeframe consistent with the demands of the rapid planning cycle in which our community must operate.

The entire SfA team and our technology partners in the UK, Simpleweb, are very excited about the introduction of the upgraded version of the SfA platform. We’ve worked hard to incorporate the valuable feedback and input that our community members have so generously offered.