The West Village studio was electric, with creativity buzzing among the 75 photographers, producers, writers, and art/creative directors who gathered to exchange ideas.  Sally Singer, Vogue’s Creative Director, Digital led a discussion that inspired and enthralled.

Singer has an impressive resume of professional experience in magazines. Her career started with the London Review of Books and British Vogue. She first joined the American Vogue in 1999, working as a fashion news and features director, before transitioning to T: The New York Times Style Magazine in 2010. After a two year stint as their editor-in-chief, she returned to Vogue as their Creative Digital Director. Her professional experience is more than a mark of achievement, it’s a mastery in storytelling. In her career, Singer has been tasked with bringing fashion to new platforms and has charged ahead, allowing creativity to continue to invent its place and role in our world.

Now at the forefront of Vogue Digital, her storytelling is fast and visual.

The premier guest of the 2018 Talking Pictures Series between Space For Arts  and the Society of Publication Designers, Singer was generous with her information about the pace at which a website like Vogue works and how the creative process differs between digital and print. There’s an excitement,  even a fascination, with watching the cycle of an idea for the digital realm of fashion. It grows quickly and spontaneously, practically on the fly, only to be out bare for the world to see a few days later. There’s a distinction to how Vogue operates in this endeavor, an unmatched prominence, evident in their episodic fashion films and photography. It’s a unification of art and storytelling that is unique and simply captivating.

Singer’s presentation included the backstory to a plethora of Vogue’s innovative content. Shorts like “Elle fanning Elle Fanning”  were met with hearty chuckles of approval. Essentially, Singer told the stories behind the storytelling in an intimate inspection of fashion’s digital side. With a nature and insight that is truly special, she transformed the event itself into another episodic moment of storytelling. It was a masterclass that left the audience feeling inspired for the possibilities of the web, backed with a more in-depth knowledge as to the intersection of journalism and digital, and the power of visual stories.