Simple Downtown Loft with plenty of sunshine

This basic stage of 720SF has what you need for your easy shoot! The windows are facing east and south so the stage has plenty of the sunlight in the morning. Available for still and motion photography.

Included with the Stage rental


1 x wireless trigger,

1 x receiver,

3 x alien bees B800,

3 x alien bees power cords,

3 x 40” or 20″ c-stands,

3 x light modifiers – your choice of three or any available:

-7” reflectors +optional grid/small color gels;

-22″ beauty dish + optional 30 degree grid/diffuser;

-medium softbox;

-medium strip softboxes 14″x63″ + optional grid;

-medium octabank 48″;

-7′ parabolic umbrella + optional diffuser;

-snoot + optional grid.


5 feet of damage of one of pre-installed paper seamless backdrops (9′ wide, white, thunder grey and black),

tape for backdrop.

Provided at NO EXTRA COST upon request (shared between all the stages, subject to availability):



-apple boxes,

-extension cords,

-power strips,

-2 x v-flats/stage,

-mini boom,

-c-stand arm,

-additional c-stands,

-lastolite reflectors,


-studio stools,

-folding chairs,

-4′ and 6′ tables.

-Rates excludes cleaning/damage fee (billed only upon occurrence).

-Additional strobe head is available at $35 (includes a strobe, a c-stand, power cord and available light modifier).

-Up to 10 people/session is included in your rental. Every extra person over 10 is $5.

-5' of one of pre-installed backdrops is included in your rental. Every extra foot of damage is $5.

-Color backdrops are available at $20/installation + $5/every damaged foot.


- Your rental time includes setting up, breaking down and clean up, so please factor it in your booking hours.

- No smoking or alcohol.

- Pets are welcome with the pet waiver signed.

- Stage is not soundproof (there might be noise as music/speech and street sounds).

- Any fractions of an hour are billed as a whole hour.

- Usage of any hard-to-clean materials (such as holi powder, confetti, glitter, any kind of paint, oil, fake blood, ashes etc) are to be approved in advance with a refundable deposit.

- Music is to be kept at reasonable levels and not contain vulgar or offensive lyrics. Live music bands must be approved in advance.

- Please, leave the studio in the same condition. If the studio requires a major cleaning after your session the cleaning fee will be added (from $150) and will depend on the amount of work required.

- For freight elevator access and hours, please inquire.

Studio Type:
One Room
Natural light
Indoor / Outdoor
Still Life
Square Feet: 720
Can Accommodate: 5-10 Crew
On-site Rental Equip.
Basic Studio Equip.
On-site Support Staff
Digital Tech On-site
Air Conditioning
Computers Avail.
Sound System
Pet Friendly
Ceiling Height: 10
Studio Details:
White Floors
Natural Light
Makeup Room
VIP Private Room
Shooting Kitchen
Shooting Restroom
Freight Elevator
Standard Elevator
Ground Floor
Wheelchair Accessible
Open 7 Days A Week

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