Williamsburg 4th Floor Loft

Our Lofts comprise of 8 studios totaling 32,000 sq ft with one Manhattan and one Brooklyn location. All are easy to work in daylight lofts perfect for photography, film and video shoots and provide many elements of decorated home environments. There are 3 bathroom sets and 6 shootable kitchens as well as bedrooms, living rooms, fireplaces and 2 rooftops.

Here’s general information for all of the studios:

Each Studio is approximately 4,000 sq ft.

The 5th Floor Studio has the largest open space and best light with a cleaner, upscale look, less brick and more clean walls. There's a great kitchen and a beautiful 30’ long wall of built in bookcases centered by an ornate oversized fireplace.

The new 4th Floor Studio is rougher and the least ‘finished’ of my spaces but is wide open with great light, lots of windows and distressed brick walls.

The 3rd Floor Studio has windows on 4 sides (great light) with a terrific kitchen including an island with a gas cooktop that can be disconnected and moved.

The 2nd Floor Studio has windows South & West and some facing East with the best and largest set bathroom in New York.

The 1st Floor Studio has windows on all sides and White painted wood floors. Lights can be placed outside of all the windows.

The Studios come furnished as seen on the website. Everything not nailed down can be moved.

The Penthouse and 11th Floor are each 4,500 sq ft with windows facing North, South and West. The Penthouse has 4 skylights (amazing light), a beautiful country kitchen and a 16’ x 16’ set bathroom with an open shower and vintage claw foot bathtub.

The 10th Floor Studio is 2,000 sq. feet with a cement floor, windows on 3 sides, a small White kitchen and also has great light.

The roof deck, famous for its view of the Empire State Building is directly accessed by 2 elevators and can be used with any of the studios.

Included in the rental price with all of the studios are apple boxes, sand bags, V flats, a camera cart, auto poles & cross bars, a steamer, iron & ironing board, rolling racks, wireless internet, folding tables, all of the furniture and props and an i-pod ready stereo.

Brooklyn Detail: Williamsburg
Studio Type:
One Room
Natural light
Indoor / Outdoor
Still Life
Square Feet: 4000
Can Accommodate: 20+ Crew
On-site Rental Equip.
Basic Studio Equip.
On-site Support Staff
Digital Tech On-site
Air Conditioning
Computers Avail.
Sound System
Pet Friendly
Studio Details:
White Floors
Natural Light
Makeup Room
VIP Private Room
Shooting Kitchen
Shooting Restroom
Freight Elevator
Standard Elevator
Ground Floor
Wheelchair Accessible
Open 7 Days A Week

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