Bright Industrial Williamsburg Photo Studio & Free Grip Gear

About the Space

This 1,050 sq. ft. mid-century industrial loft space is open, bright, and well equipped for photo and video shoots as well as staging for editorial, catalog and advertising productions.

We're located in hip and happening Williamsburg, a 5 minute walk from the Bedford Ave. L train stop and one block from the water. We're only 3 stops from Union Square. The space is in a 1920's factory building with oversized windows, polished concrete floors, and many nice architectural details. The studio space was gut-renovated in 2013 creating a minimalist space with Danish Modern Industrial design elements and lots of light.

We keep the studio spotless but there's NO CLEANING FEE. Which is like getting an extra hr for free.


• Southern exposure and a wall of windows measuring 17 ft. X 9 ft. provide plenty of natural light throughout the day. For daylight shooters there are 3 floor-to-ceiling fabrics that allow precise control of the quality and quantity of the window light.

• Windows feature floor to ceiling 1/3-stop china silk softens the light but still leaves a bit of contrast.

• Windows feature floor to ceiling 1-stop silk which softens the light quite a bit more.

• Put the 2 fabrics together to get virtually shadowless daylight.


• Heavy slate-gray microsuede curtains can be used to flag the daylight or to black-out the studio completely for strobe or LED setups.


• There are 4 pieces of furniture in the studio. A 140 year farmhouse table, two danish-modern chairs, and a modern light gray sofa. The table and sofa are both on wheels with locking casters so they can be used for background or easily rolled away. The table, rolling rack and steamer usually go in the rear of the studio. This area is ideal for styling with floor-to-ceiling curtains giving talent privacy for wardrobe changes. The large farmhouse table is perfect for arranging shoes, jewelry, accessories, and there's plenty of space underneath for shopping bags and suitcases. This wardrobe area also has a ceiling fan to keep everyone cool. The sofa is normally rolled to the far end of the studio where it's out the way and perfect for clients to relax and work from.


• Boxlight features a Sonos surround sound wireless speaker system for streaming your Pandora, Spotify and Radio by TuneIn accounts. Download the Sonos app to your phone, iPad or Laptop and you're the DJ. Otherwise feel free to use our iPad controller and music streaming accounts.


• The studio has a hair and makeup station with dimmable daylight balanced LED lighting and a hair and makeup chair your talent will love.


• Canon 5D Mark 4 Cameras, L-Series lenses, Profoto lighting, and modifiers are available to rent a la carte or as a complete package. Working with our battery powered Profoto B1 flash heads (and A/C powered Profoto D1 head) is a liberating experience. Mounted on rolling stands there's no power pack or head extension cables to get in the way as you change your lighting setups. Just roll and shoot. The Arri 1.2k HMI with fresnel lens and softbox is also great. We have a 5ft Octabank for Profoto (with grid), 2 medium Plume Softboxes and several other parabolic umbrellas, normal umbrellas, a 7ft white parabolic umbrella, etc...

• Foamcore V-Flats (black & white), Reflective Silver & Brushed Gold panels, 3 C+ Stands, Light Stands, 3 Booms, Rolling Camera/Computer Cart, Super Clamps, A Clamps, Rolling Stool, Wardrobe Rack & Steamer, Hair & Makeup Chair and AC Extension Cable are all included in your rental.

If you'd like to stop by the studio to see the space just let us know.

Brooklyn Detail: Williamsburg
Studio Type:
One Room
Natural light
Indoor / Outdoor
Still Life
Square Feet: 1040
Can Accommodate: 10-15 Crew
On-site Rental Equip.
Basic Studio Equip.
On-site Support Staff
Digital Tech On-site
Air Conditioning
Computers Avail.
Sound System
Pet Friendly
Ceiling Height: 13
Studio Details:
White Floors
Natural Light
Makeup Room
VIP Private Room
Shooting Kitchen
Shooting Restroom
Freight Elevator
Standard Elevator
Ground Floor
Wheelchair Accessible
Open 7 Days A Week

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