ALL INCLUSIVE (ARRI HMIs) Fully Equipped Brooklyn Daylight Studio

ALL INCLUSIVE (ARRI HMIs) Fully Equipped Brooklyn Daylight Studio

person Max crew size 15 house One Room, Natural Light
What makes our studio unique?

aml studio is an independen...

$950 /per day

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About our studio

aml studio is an independent, fully equipped 1500 sq ft daylight photo studio and creative workspace in the heart of greenpoint, brooklyn. offering an abundance of top-of-the-line professional studio equipment, aml is an all-inclusive facility. all in-house equipment is included with the studio rental.

in-house studio equipment is listed below:

Lights and Modifiers:

Arri M18 HMI Lights with Highspeed Ballast

1 K5600 Joker 2 800W HMI Light with Ballast

1 Kino Flo Double System (4’x2’)

2 Profoto 500W D1 Air Monolights

1 Profoto 1000W D1 Air Monolight

3 White China Silks (8’x8’)

2 White/Black Solids (8’x8’)

1 Matthews Black Solid Duvetine (12’ x 12’)

1 Matthews Solid Frame Scrim with Full Stop China Silk (48”x48”)

2 Matthews Floppy Cutters - Top Hinge (48”x48” opens to 48”x90”)

1 Matthews Floppy Cutter - Bottom Hinge (48”x48”Opens to 48x90”)

1 Matthews Floppy Cutter (24”x72”)

1 Matthews Solid Flag (30”x36“)

2 Westcott Scrim Jims with Silks (8’ x 8’)

1 Profoto White Softlight Beauty Dish Reflector (20.5”) with 1/3 Stop Diffuser and 25 Degree Honeycomb Grid

3 Profoto Magnum Reflectors

3 Profoto Honeycomb Grids for Magnum Reflector

3 Photek SoftLighter Umbrellas (36”)

1 Photek SoftLighter Umbrella (46”)

1 Photek SoftLighter Umbrella (60”)

1 Elinchrom Octa Bank with Profoto Ring (74”)

1 Profoto Softbox RFi with 50 Degree SoftGrid (2’x3’)

1 Profoto Softbox RFi (1.3’x2’)

3 Profoto Shallow White Umbrellas (Small)

1 Profoto Deep White Umbrella (Large)

2 Elinchrom Silver Umbrellas (33”)

3 Elinchrom Translucent Umbrellas (33”)

Grip and Hardware:

4 Matthews Medium Rollers

1 Matthews Junior Roller

2 Avenger Double Riser Wind-Up Stands with Braked Wheels

10 C-Stands 40” Complete

6 Avenger High Baby Studio Roller Stands

2 Avenger Mini Booms

1 Avenger Junior Boom

Manfrotto Autopole and 12’ Crossbar

3 Matthews Butterfly Frames (8’x8’)

7 4’x8’ White/Black Foam Boards

2 4’x4’ White Black Foam Boards

Matthews Quacker - Duck Bill Clamp

Other Items:

Magliner Junior Cart

Roller Stool

Posing Stool and Table

Apple Boxes

Profoto Air Remote Transceivers

Sekonic Light Meter

Eizo ColorEdge CG277 Color Calibration LCD Monitor 27”

Sony VPL-CH370 5000 Lumen 3LCD Projector

Manfrotto Tripods

Seamless backdrop paper in a variety of colors

Plenty of Clamps, Grip Heads, Gaffer Tape, and Sandbags!

all studio bookings require a signed rental agreement, a valid credit card on file, a 50% deposit, as well as a certificate of insurance.

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Door width
Door height
Weight limit
Opening hours


Freight Elevator

Door width
Door height
Weight limit
Opening hours


Studio details


  • checkbox One Room
  • checkbox Multi-Room
  • checkbox Natural Light
  • checkbox Indoor
  • checkbox Outdoor
  • checkbox Still Life
  • checkbox Sound Stage
  • checkbox Soundproof
  • checkbox Cyclorama

Studio details

  • checkbox Seamless
  • checkbox White Floors
  • checkbox White Walls
  • checkbox Exposed Brick
  • checkbox Shooting Kitchen
  • checkbox Shooting Bathroom
  • checkbox Rooftop
  • checkbox Overhead Shooting
  • checkbox Wood Floors
  • checkbox Outdoor access
  • checkbox Garden access
  • checkbox Black out shades
  • checkbox Vehicle access
  • checkbox Cityscape/Skyline views

Studio features

  • checkbox Basic Studio Equipment
  • checkbox On-Site Rental Equipment
  • checkbox On-site Support Staff
  • checkbox WiFi
  • checkbox Digital Tech On-Site
  • checkbox Air Conditioning
  • checkbox Computers available
  • checkbox Sound System
  • checkbox Pet Friendly


  • checkbox Makeup/Hair Room
  • checkbox Lounge
  • checkbox VIP Room
  • checkbox Mezzanine
  • checkbox Kitchen
  • checkbox Restroom
  • checkbox Shower

Kitchen description:


Max crew size
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