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Pro II - Urban Loft w/ White Cyc

$59.99 per hour

Main Studio C - Cyc + Artificial Grass Wall

$64.99 per hour

NY Astoria Studio 1 White Wood

$49.99 per hour

Main Studio B - Blackout in DTLA

$49.99 per hour

Main Studio D - DTLA Loft w/ Bookshelf

$56 per hour

Main Studio F - DTLA View

$49.99 per hour

Manhattan Daylight Penthouse Cyc Studio 1

$1,800 per day


$300 per day

Hill 1 - Natural Light Stage with High-Gloss White Floors

$56 per hour

Hill 2 - Light Wall

$56 per hour

Hill 3 - The Mirror Wall

$56 per hour

Hill 4 - The Jungle Room

$56 per hour

CYC - 16-ft Ceiling - GREENSCREEN Studio Union Square

$1,500 per day

DUMBO, Brooklyn - Ground Floor Studio - Great Natural light!

$2,000 per day

Pro III - Soundproof Stage w/LED Lights & Makeup Station

$49.99 per hour

Studio Northwest

$75 per hour

Parchment Studio

$1,650 per day

Beautiful Shabby Chic South Light Loft 4

$250 per hour

Wide Plank Oak Floor LOFT 5 with Lots of Light

$250 per hour

Huge Wide-Open LOFT 2 with South Light

$250 per hour

Gorgeous West Side Rooftop with Empire View

$250 per hour

Drive in Cyc Studio in Brooklyn

Williamsburg Production Facility - Cyc Studio

$175 per hour

Williamsburg Photo Studio with CYC / Event Space W/Outdoor Space

Union City 6,000 sq. ft. drive in daylight CYC studio

East Williamsburg 5,500 SF Drive-in Studio w/ Cyc

$2,300 per day


£450 per day

Expansive Photo Studio | Event Space in Brooklyn

$450 per hour

Things to Look At Studio

$150 per hour

Heath Robbins North Studio