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Our studios are the stages for your stories. Industry news from our blog as we take an in depth look into the photo industry.

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77 Films

77 Films

If we're looking for studio space, we call Space for Arts - and nobody else. Betsy is a trusted advisor, prolific producer, and a dear friend. We won't step foot on a stage without her expert guidance and procurement.



Space for Arts is my go-to for quickly finding studios perfectly tailored to my production's needs. Whether it's a unique studio with exposed brick and a rooftop, or a large space with high ceilings, SfA provides the ultimate service, no matter the scope of the ask or how tight the deadline.

Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure

Space for Arts has created a community and a reputation that they have a quality product to offer to their clients. Clients go to SfA as a trusted resource for credible spaces and locations. Its a dream, SfA simplifies the process.

Amy Rose Productions

Amy Rose Productions

It was refreshing to meet another creative enterprise focused on community, customer service, and developing a unique booking platform for creative spaces that services the nuances of the industry. Our business philosophy focuses on inclusion, access, and community. SfA ticked all the boxes i and are on the same page as our values.

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