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Studio Charlie Bennet NYac

$750 per day

Swedish Gateway: Event

$4,000 per day

Swedish Gateway: View

$4,000 per day

Swedish Gateway: Boardroom

$4,000 per day

Deer Studio A

Deer Studios B

Deer Rooftop

Deer Studio C

299 Park

$12,500 per day

Mid Town Photo Studio

$600 per day

Midtown White Loft

Manhattan Midtown Penthouse Cyc Studio

$3,300 per day

The Helm

$7,500 per day

340 Madison

$6,000 per day

Professional Kitchen Studio Midtown

$145 per hour

Young Studio E

Young Studio A

Young Studio B

Young Studio C

Young Studio D

Manhattan Studio - CYC Wall, Green Screen stage

$65 per hour

Simple Studio NYC

$1,250 per day

Penthouse Daylight Studio - Garment District

$3,000 per day

23B Manhattan - Soft Light & Skyline Views

$85 per hour

23A Manhattan Stunning Views of Empire State Free EQ

$95 per hour

22A Manhattan - Skyline Views

$75 per hour

22B - Manhattan abundant Soft natural light

$75 per hour

22C Manhattan - Soft & direct natural southern light

$65 per hour

Bogart Studio Brooklyn - southwestern naturual light

$65 per hour

EQ+Rooftop+Cyclorama Natural light Photo Studio in Midtown

$125 per hour