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Stage B - Black Stage in the Heart of L.A. Flower District

$500 per day

Art 4 - Downtown Loft with Dark Wood Corner, Red Furniture

$700 per day

Rooftop with Urban Views in Downtown LA

$710 per day

Pro I - L.A. Loft with Urban View, Large Frameless Windows

$550 per day

Stage D - Large L.A. Loft with North & West Facing window

$600 per day

Pro II - Loft with Urban View, Large Frameless Window and Bl

$550 per day

Stage C -Bright Studio with Cyclorama, Artificial Grass Wall

$800 per day

Sunny Downtown Manhattan Loft with View

$1,200 per day

Stage F - Cozy Little Loft with Duo-Zone Laminate Flooring

$500 per day

Hoboken Studio and Gallery Space

$500 per day

Bright, Beautiful Loft in Downtown Manhattan

$1,100 per day

Hill 1 - Natural Light Stage with High-Gloss White Floors

$600 per day


$300 per day

Hill 3 - L.A. Spacious Natural Light Studio with White Brick

$600 per day

Hill 4 - Large Natural Light Stage with Red Deco Wall

$600 per day

Hill 2 - Black Windowless Studio for precise Light Control!

$600 per day

Daylight Studio w/ Props & Personality

$750 per day

Flatiron Sunlit Loft with Two Shootable Kitchens

$3,000 per day

SoHo Studio w/ Props & Personality

$750 per day

Madison Avenue Penthouse Studio

$650 per day

Natural Light Loft with Tin Ceilings

$2,500 per day

Bushwick Photo Studio Loft

$600 per day

East Williamsburg 7,000 SF Drive-in Studio w/ Cyc

$1,800 per day

Bushwick Warehouse Production Studio

$1,800 per day

DUMBO, Brooklyn - Ground Floor Studio - Great Natural light!

$2,000 per day