About Us

Our Mission

We connect photo and video production professionals with available studio spaces around the world.

Our Story

We started Space for Arts (“SfA”) to solve one of the biggest problems for photo and video production professionals - finding and booking studios for shoots. We understand there are specific requirements that are unique to each and every shoot. SfA is an enhanced marketplace that offers a sophisticated, powerful search tool AND simplifies a complex and outdated booking process.

Our Values


Honest, reliable and timely communication is the foundation of our work and the service we provide. We put our community at the center of everything we do. SfA’s core goal is to become the trusted professional tool for our community.


Our community is comprised of creatives, professional photo and production professionals, and studio owners. We spark creative connections and collaborations every day. Giving back is important to us and we’re passionate about telling the stories behind our studios and showcasing the creative professionals at work in these studios.


The design and the solution that our marketplace offers will ease getting the job done. We aim for simple elegance. Our technology offers a seamless, intuitive flow that fosters the human connection and saves time so you can focus on the creative aspects of your production.


Your vision is our vision. We’re devoted to making it happen, whatever “it” may be. We support our communities’ dreams and projects one step at a time.

Our Team

We are passionate professionals around the globe devoted to giving back to a community that we care deeply about. We are insightful, creative problem solvers, good listeners and out-of-the box thinkers always asking questions and taking notes. We are kind, respectful, and support each other in life and work - that’s how we make a difference. Each day is a new adventure with unexpected turns, and we approach each turn as a team. Let our trusted professional tool become a key resource in your global production planning.