SfA Commits 2% of Its Revenue to Covid-19 Financial Relief through 2021

Above all, Space for Arts values community.

You know what we love most at Space for Arts? If you said beautiful studio spaces, you’d be close but actually….what we love most are people.  People in front of the camera, behind the camera, all around the camera.  We’re here to support the people we love and the community we serve.

All of us have had colleagues and collaborators impacted by Covid-19. While our industry is working through how to move forward during this challenging time, it’s vital for us all to work together, finding paths forward, and supporting those members of our community in need.

Space for Arts has partnered with the American Society of Media Photographers’ (ASMP) Foundation to provide financial assistance to creatives.  Through 2021, we will be donating 2% of our revenue to the ASMP’s Donor’s Circle. The Donor’s Circle offers grants to creatives of all kinds who need assistance during Covid-19.  Anyone who makes a living in the still or motion capture business is eligible to apply for funding.

We know there are a variety of ways to source and book studios. As production picks back up, booking studios through SfA is a simple way to give back while continuing to do what you do best. If a favorite studio of yours is not yet on our platform, please let us know or encourage them to list for free with SfA to help increase the donations made. Each booking on our site helps us give more grants to fellow creatives.

Thank you all for supporting this effort!