How does it work for Studios?

When listing their studios on SfA, studio owners can detail the attributes and opportunities available at their studios providing all the information needed for production professionals to make a fully informed booking decision.  

Upon signing up, you'll be able to choose from a full list of attributes that best describe your studio. Take advantage of the prompts that encourage you to write a more detailed description of your space. We encourage our studio owners to be specific! You never know, someone might be looking for a black and white tiled floor for their shoot and these tiles could be a deciding factor.

The more information you provide the easier it will be for a creative professional to find and book your space.

Creative professionals will identify your studio as they search for certain attributes. We encourage you to take advantage of the option to write a detailed description of your studio, shooting kitchen, shooting bathroom, equipment on site, outdoor space, furniture, etc. Our “free text search” tool will identify your entire detailed description and match it to the words that creatives are typing into the search box to locate a studio.  

If creatives are interested in your studio they will; use the contact button to message you with their questions and/or send you a request for booking or placing a hold. The studio will receive a text message alerting you to the creative’s interest and requests for you to respond to or to accept/reject holds and bookings.