SfA Commits 2% of Its Revenue to Covid-19 Financial Relief through 2021

Space for Arts Supports The American Society of Media Photographers’ Foundation to Provide Covid-19 Financial Relief to Production Professionals

Space for Arts—the marketplace optimized for, and dedicated to, production professionals and the studios they shoot in—will donate a percentage of its revenue to ASMP’s ‘Donors Circle’ through 2021

Wilbraham, MA, October 20, 2020 - Space for Arts has committed to support The American Society of Media Photographers’ Foundation through ‘The Donors Circle’. This initiative offers grants to industry professionals including photographers, stylists, assistants, digital technicians, production assistants, and more. Anyone who makes a living in the still or motion capture business who has been financially impacted during the Covid-19 crisis and needs assistance is eligible to apply.

Through the end of 2021, Space for Arts will be donating 2% of its revenue to the Donor’s Circle.

Application information for grants under this program can be found here.

Space for Arts values community above all, rooting itself within the community it serves, contributing to its well-being and advancement. SfA has worked with a number of industry participants to organize and produce talks, workshops, and colloquia bringing members of the community together to further their craft, share ideas, and network. During Covid-19, SfA has worked with ASMP and others in the development of protocols for safety on set and has hosted webinars featuring an infectious disease specialist discussing how to return to production safely.

“Covid-19 continues to affect all aspects of the production industry. In taking a leadership role alongside ASMP, we hope that others in the industry will join us in making commitments to support those members of our community in need,” said Van Gothner co-founder of Space for Arts.

"We know there are a variety of ways to source and book studios. But as production picks back up, booking studios through our platform is a simple way to give back while continuing to do what you do best.  We want to inspire the creative community to come together so that each booking will help give more cash grants to fellow creatives," said Elizabeth Davison, co-founder of Space for Arts.

About Space for Arts: Founded in 2017, Space for Arts (“SfA”) is a global B2B marketplace for photo and video production professionals looking to book production spaces of all kinds. SfA presents a vetted inventory of professional production spaces with robust search tools optimized for the needs of production professionals. This fundamental utility is combined with a patent pending “Booking Tool” which mirrors the established and unique booking practices and processes of the industry, simplifying the process and providing powerful, time saving, utility to both studio owners and production professionals. SfA’s technology offers a seamless, intuitive flow that fosters human connection and saves time so users can focus on the creative aspects of production. SfA is the trusted professional tool for the production community.

About ASMP and The ASMP Foundation: Since its founding in 1944, The American Society of Media Photographers (“ASMP”) has enjoyed historically important members, from all genres of photography; from Dorthea Lange to Gordon Parks, to Richard Avedon. ASMP is the premier trade association for the most respected photographers across the world. ASMP is the leader in providing extensive education and resources to photographers on the best practices to run and grow a business in these fields, promoting the rights of photographers through a robust program of legal and public policy advocacy, connecting member photographers with clients, and producing business publications for photographers that set the industry standards. ASMP is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year with nearly 3,500 members and 38 chapters.

The ASMP Foundation is a 501(c) 3 associated with but independent from the American Society of Media Photographers. The ASMP leadership saw a need to create a vehicle that could better support and fund educational and culturally important projects that would nurture young talent and support photographic endeavors in communities not routinely covered by mainstream media. In addition, it was important to provide a way to contribute to the national conversation on media and visual literacy with a particular focus on how visual language and images enhance our understanding of the world beyond one own life’s boundaries.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Van Gothner
Co-Founder, Space for the Arts

Michael Shay
ASMP Foundation