Terms and Conditions

3 Hour Minimum Rental + Cleaning fee.

GENERAL - No smoking in the building. - Please be respectful to the studio space and the building.

KEEP DOOR CLOSED - Keep the studio door closed while in use and remain inside. Please avoid lingering in hallway.

MUSIC - There is no provided speaker. Feel free to bring your own! Please keep the volume to a reasonable level.

AIR CONDITIONER - Remote for Air Conditioner is attached to the wall next to the vanity mirror. Please TURN OFF before leaving.

FURNITURE - No standing on furniture. If you move furniture, lift it and carry it (no dragging). Please return any moved items back to their original location.

WINDOWS: Do not open lower windows under any circumstances. They are soldered close for safety purposes.

NO PETS ALLOWED - If you need a pet on-site for a shoot, please send a message to discuss in advance.

BATHROOM - A bathroom is located on the floor. Follow the hallway back around towards the elevator and you will see it.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE - Please turn-off the A.C., turn off the music, and lock the door behind you.

Feel free to move the furniture around. Please put it back how you found it at the end of your shoot. Thanks!Smoke machines are allowedNudity is allowedSecurity cameras and recording devices:The studio has a security camera that records video, not audio. The camera view is over the whole space, except the dressing room of course, and it will be turned on.