Terms and Conditions


Continuous Cleaning, IQ Air Purifier, Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizing Stations, Sanitizing Wipes and Supplemental (stockpile) masks and gloves for crew members.

IQ Air Purifier

We are installing industrial IQ air purifiers with active monitors in all of our spaces. Bacteria and viruses become aerosolized and spread through the air when we cough, sneeze, or simply breathe.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the most effective strategy in preventing the spread of infectious disease is to limit transmission of virus or bacteria.  IQ Air's high efficiency particulate filtration effectively removes and contains airborne bacteria and viruses.

The units filter 99.97% for particles >0.3 microns (individually tested), >0.003 microns.

Based on our studio size and CFM raqting, the air will be completely filtered every 6 minutes when run continuously throughout the day.

IQ Air Purifiers will turn on 1 hour before call times. Each studio (Kitchen Space, 8th FL Kitchen, 6th FL Kitchen, & Living Space) will have their own unit. Each unit cleans 1500 square feet within minutes.

Staring at or 5 minutes before the call time, a studio team member will wipe down every door handle (inside studios and in public hallways), common surface, faucet, and toilet on the 6th, 7th and 8th floors.

This process will commence every hour of the shoot day, and after the day has wrapped and the crew has left the studio.

Should there be active capture on set with sound, the Producer on set will notify a studio team membedr when a shot has been finished so that the door handles and faucets close to set can be wiped down.

Twice a day a studio team member will be spraying all fabric furniture with Lysol.


Per the CDC, Please follow these guidelines and circulate to all crew members:


We expect that all clients will be partners in this endeavor and require each client to submit their own on set safety protocols for our review and imnplement the necessary tools and techniques related to tracking and tracing crew through the end of the contract period.

These practices must be primarily focused on assessing and maintaing crew health and well being. We will have essential supplies like the thermometers and PPE stockpiles on hand in support, but day to day assessment of crew health needs to be driven primarily by each client's on set production team.