Light Flooded Loft in Berlin Neukölln

Light Flooded Loft in Berlin Neukölln

person Max crew size 100 house Multi-Room, One Room, Natural Light, Indoor
What makes our studio unique?

We offer a lavish 400 sqm event loft, flooded with daylight, in the vibrant neighbourhood of Neukölln. This studio space can be used for all sorts of production ranging from conferences to showrooms. The modular nature of the loft allows for a creative use of the space, also making it perfect for hosting multiple workshops simultaneously. Moreover, our 500 sqm rooftop terrace with its view over the south-side of Berlin, can be used as a break-out space during meetings or as an event location on itself.

About our studio

Our 400sqm classy loft provides an all round space for your photoshoot. Including a light system that consists of freely movable spotlights and 80 meters of ERCO rails with up to 60 dimmable lights allowing you to create various atmospheres. The large windows, mainly facing south, guarantee bright daylight throughout the day. The windows can be covered using slats as well, in order for you to create a desirable amount of daylight.

Designer sofas, white curtains, palm trees and handmade wooden lamps provide the room with a luxurious finish, and can be used during your photoshoot. As well as two side-rooms for meetings, make-up or back office.

We were founded in 2012 by Michael Haufe and Fares Al-Hassen. Their mission was to create a space where creatives can come together to work and inspire each other. By providing studios for all sorts of artists, and an event location where people have the opportunity to meet each other, a true creative hub was born.

In 2014, we moved to our current location in Berlin: a former factory building in the Thiemannstrasse in Neukölln. This building used to be the largest cash register factory in Europe during the first half of the 20th century. It’s great factory halls and rooftop now serve as an event location and as studios for professionals. 

Now having an even bigger studio space, the chance to host more diverse productions became bigger as well. Still wanting to be a place of exchange and creativity, the idea came to make the loft modular. By creating a system of modular separating walls and large white curtains, the loft turned into a creative venue for all sort of events.

Over the years, many different productions took place in the loft and many creatives, professionals and start-ups have found their way into the studios. Having diversity, creativity and exchange as its main values, we keep striving to offer the best support and inspiration to its clients in the process of event management, as well as to the professionals working in the studios.

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Door width
1.65 m
Door height
2.15 m
Weight limit
1000 kg
Opening hours



There are 2 parking spots in front of the main door. Loading and unloading a truck is also possible.

Studio details


  • checkbox One Room
  • checkbox Multi-Room
  • checkbox Natural Light
  • checkbox Indoor
  • checkbox Outdoor
  • checkbox Still Life
  • checkbox Sound Stage
  • checkbox Soundproof
  • checkbox Cyclorama

Studio details

  • checkbox Seamless
  • checkbox White Floors
  • checkbox White Walls
  • checkbox Exposed Brick
  • checkbox Shooting Kitchen
  • checkbox Shooting Bathroom
  • checkbox Rooftop
  • checkbox Overhead Shooting
  • checkbox Wood Floors
  • checkbox Outdoor access
  • checkbox Garden access
  • checkbox Black out shades
  • checkbox Vehicle access
  • checkbox Cityscape/Skyline views

Studio features

  • checkbox Basic Studio Equipment
  • checkbox On-Site Rental Equipment
  • checkbox On-site Support Staff
  • checkbox WiFi
  • checkbox Digital Tech On-Site
  • checkbox Air Conditioning
  • checkbox Computers available
  • checkbox Sound System
  • checkbox Pet Friendly

White curtains, 2 red leather couch, white conference tables, 3 leather armchairs, 20 black conference chairs.


  • checkbox Makeup/Hair Room
  • checkbox Lounge
  • checkbox VIP Room
  • checkbox Mezzanine
  • checkbox Kitchen
  • checkbox Restroom
  • checkbox Shower

Kitchen description:

designer bar kitchen with fridges, oak wood and designer lamps...


Three Phase


Max crew size
Ceiling height
3.25 m
Terms and Conditions

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