Terms and Conditions

Hot Shot Muffler is in compliance with all health and safety measures laid out in HOO Stage 3 Appendix J, the "County Of LA Department Of Public Health Order Of the Health Officer" regarding "Reopening Protocol for Music, Television and Film Production".

This includes:

* A workplace COVID Compliance Officer (C19CO) on staff, who has established and enforces COVID-19 safety protocols.

* Available PPE + infection prevention supplies available, including face coverings, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves, hand washing stations, etc.

* Increased ventilation, including HVAC, industrial fans, and a 20'x8' roll up door which can remain open at all times.

* A planned response, following guidance required by the County of Los Angeles, in case of an employee or guest informing us of a positive COVID-19 test.

* Measures instituted to assure access to safety protocols and equipment for employees and guests who have mobility limitations.