Beautiful Shabby Chic South Light Loft 4

Beautiful Shabby Chic South Light Loft 4

person Max crew size 75 house Multi-Room, Natural Light, Still Life
What makes our studio unique?

LOFT 4 is a 2300 Square ft. Shabby Chic full floor open loft designed for Film and Photography Productions. Built in 1910, the building was originally a carriage house for horses. The all white floors, mixed with the original tin ceiling tiles, great natural light, and white brick walls make it great for Lifestyle Shoots or Interviews. There is a 10'x20' freight elevator that opens up directly into the loft.

This studio can be rented with our:

We have a total of FOUR LOFT SPACES on different floors, these additional studios can also be rented for shoots:

We have added the capability to stream up to 4 cameras to Zoom so that clients can see and interact with crews that are on set so that clients and creatives can be logging in to see the shoot on Zoom from anywhere in the world.

$250 /per hour

About our studio

In an effort to protect our employees, talent and crew from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have established—and are continuing to monitor and update—new policies and practices that provide a safe working environment for all of our productions. 

Beautiful South Light loft that resides in a building that was built in 1910. It was originally a carriage house for horses and has wonderful finishes like painted tin ceilings.

It is 2300 square feet and has a wonderful shabby chic style about it.  11' ceilings. The white floors and white brick walls reflect the light beautifully. It's great as a still or video location.

Our Loft is a fully equipped, photographic studio facility located in the heart of the Hudson Yards Loft Neighborhood. In addition to that, the fully finished Rooftop has an unmatched view of the Manhattan skyline for all of your film and photo needs.

Our Lofts are unique and modern spaces available for daily and weekly rentals for photography and film shoots, seminars, workshops, talent castings, and private events hosting up to 50 people.

Unlike many other studios, the bulk of your equipment and grip needs are included in the studio rental price. For a nominal fee, you'll have access to a huge array of lights, modifiers, and grip. The goal is for you to just bring your camera, focus on your creative, and not have to deal with lugging hundreds of pounds of gear around. There is also a 10' x 20' Freight Elevator for all of your crew and clients to use. As some have said, it's the size of a small Manhattan apartment. :)

The studio is located in Manhattan's chic new Hudson Yards Neighborhood and is equally close to the 34th/10th St 7 train and the 34th/8th St C & E Subway Lines. The 7 runs right through all other subway lines that connect Manhattan. There is a parking lot right at the corner of 10th and 36th St, a stone's throw from the building.

We are open to collaborating on production budgets and your needs for one or multiple shoot spaces, especially in the new normal of Coronavirus and Safety Protocols.


  • Normal Shoot Hours: We offer time slots of 4 hours up to 12 hours/day.

If you are looking for under 4 hours, we can work on a short notice basis or a flexible studio basis (may have to move you within the studios if a 1/2 day or full day booking happens on the day you are looking to book, but you’ll have a studio).

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Freight Elevator

Door width
Door height
Weight limit
Opening hours


Studio details


  • checkbox One Room
  • checkbox Multi-Room
  • checkbox Natural Light
  • checkbox Indoor
  • checkbox Outdoor
  • checkbox Still Life
  • checkbox Sound Stage
  • checkbox Soundproof
  • checkbox Cyclorama

Studio details

  • checkbox Seamless
  • checkbox White Floors
  • checkbox White Walls
  • checkbox Exposed Brick
  • checkbox Shooting Kitchen
  • checkbox Shooting Bathroom
  • checkbox Rooftop
  • checkbox Overhead Shooting
  • checkbox Wood Floors
  • checkbox Outdoor access
  • checkbox Garden access
  • checkbox Black out shades
  • checkbox Vehicle access
  • checkbox Cityscape/Skyline views

Shooting Kitchen description:

Beautiful shooting kitchen

Shooting Bathroom description:

Beautiful Shooting Bathroom

Studio features

  • checkbox Basic Studio Equipment
  • checkbox On-Site Rental Equipment
  • checkbox On-site Support Staff
  • checkbox WiFi
  • checkbox Digital Tech On-Site
  • checkbox Air Conditioning
  • checkbox Computers available
  • checkbox Sound System
  • checkbox Pet Friendly
On-Site Rental Equipment description:
Call for what is included in your rental.

Digital Capture

  • 27" Retina 5K iMac 4Ghz Quadcore Digital Workstation with Capture One Pro 10.x

Strobe Lighting

  • 2 PROFOTO 7A 2400 Packs
  • 2 PROFOTO D4 2400 Pack
  • 6 Profoto Pro 7/D4 Heads with 8" Reflectors

PROFOTO Modifiers included with Equipment Package:

  • 1  5' Chimera Octagon Softbox w/silver lining (VIDEO + STROBE)
  • 1  53" Elinchrom Octobank with Profoto Mount
  • 1  39" Elinchrom Octobank with Profoto Mount
  • 2  Chimera Medium Strip Softbox with Grids
  • 1  Chimera Medium Strip Softbox with no Grid
  • 1 Beauty Dish - Silver (Profoto Mount)
  • 1 Beauty Dish - White (Profoto Mount)
  • 1 Beauty Dish Grid and Sock
  • 1 Elinchrom Snoot
  • 42 65" Impact Deep White Umbrella
  • 2  51" Impact Silver Umbrellas
  • 4  45" umbrellas
  • 1  30" umbrellas
  • 1  6' x 4' Large Chimera Softbox
  • 4  Small Softboxes
  • 1   Profoto 22" Silver Beauty Dish with diffuser and grid
  • 1   Profoto 22" White Beauty Dish with diffuser and grid
  • 2   P-50(Magnum) reflectors with Grids
Stands / Grip
  • 8 C-Stands with arms
  • 6  Medium Rollers
  • 1 Manfrotto Tripod
  • 1 - 8' FOBA Studio Stand (nice if you're looking to do still life shooting down)
  • 5 Kit Stands
  • 20 A-Clamps
  • 10 Superclamps
  • 6  black/white "V-flats"
  • 1 4'x8' White Plexi
  • Pair of Sawhorses.
  • 1 4'x4' White Plexi
  • 1 6'x6' Silk w/frame
  • 1 8'x8' Silk w/frame
  • 1 - 24"x36" Flag
  • 15 Sandbags
  • Misc White/Silver Bounce Cards
  • 12' White Roll Paper - 1 sweep per rental.  additional sweeps are $20/sweep
  • 12' Gray Roll Paper - 1 sweep per rental.  additional sweeps are $20/sweep
  • 12' Black Roll Paper - 1 sweep per rental.  additional sweeps are $20/sweep
  • Misc 9' Roll Paper...ask James for specific colors that are on site currently

DSLR Cameras

CANON 1DX MARK II w/ 4 batteries (4K 30/60 fps w/focus tracking).$165/Day

CANON 5DSR - Includes f/2.8 24-70mm Lens, f/4 100mm Lens, f/1.2 50mm Lens, 16-35mm lens.$165/day


  • checkbox Makeup/Hair Room
  • checkbox Lounge
  • checkbox VIP Room
  • checkbox Mezzanine
  • checkbox Kitchen
  • checkbox Restroom
  • checkbox Shower

Kitchen description:

Fridge, oven, stove, countertop


Max crew size
Ceiling height
11 ft
Terms and Conditions

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