Terms and Conditions

In these uncertain times, here are some of the steps we’re taking to provide a safe and sanitary workplace.

As one of the few remaining photographers that operate our own studio, access to our facility is tightly regulated and traffic is very low.

Recent information shows that efficient air exchange is critical to avoiding the COVID-19 virus, and towards that end the studio is spacious and airy: 34’ ceilings provide a high volume of air. (3) 10 ton HVAC units exchange that air constantly, and the filters on those units are changed regularly. Our multiple doors, many windows  and roll up loading door can also be opened to provide even more circulation.

Masks are required for everyone in the studio, with removal only for on set talent.

The studio is disinfected before each shoot by a professional janitorial company.

Reducing the number of people in the studio to insure social distancing.

Providing iPads and additional monitors so images can be reviewed in real time without crowding workstation.

Full remote capabilities, including live broadcasting of images and the overall set.

No contact temperature recording of everyone that enters the studio.

Face shields in addition to masks are required for hair and make up stylists, as well as wardrobe stylist that interact with talent

Together we can slow the spread of Covid 19 while providing a safe and comfortable environment.