Terms and Conditions

1. OVERTIMEProduction Company’s use of premises any time after the agreed period will incur overtime charges.i. Production Company agrees that each hour of Overtime shall be rounded up to the next hour.ii. Overtime payment must be made at the end of production.

2. DAMAGE FEE: Only applicable if production company fails to restore Stage(s) to the state in which it was received. This excludes regular wear & tear. Fee of monetary value may be assessed at the owner’s discretion.

3. INSURANCE.a. Production Company shall provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Studio.b. Policy Minimum. Insurance Policy must be in the minimum of: 
i. $ 1,000,000(Minimum) Coverage.c. Insurance Policy Must List Studio As Additional Insured:(Please contact host for name needed to be listed on the policy.)

4. PERMITS.Production Company shall obtain and provide a copy of ALL necessary filming permits, as required by law, to Studio prior to use of the Premises. You can obtain a permit from Film LA :Phone- (310) 977-8600

5. ALTERATIONS TO LOCATIONS.a. Production Company agrees that no changes, alterations, or rearrangement of any equipment on the Premises shall occur without the express written consent of Studio Agent.b. In the event Studio provides its written consent, Production Company shall return and restore said equipment to its original place and condition.c. Any unrepaired alterations shall be deemed to be damages as described in Section 7.

6. WASTE REMOVAL.a. Any and all property brought onto the premises by the Production Company, 
including set walls, wood, or any other art department debris, must be removed from the premises at the end of Production Company’s use of the premises under this agreement.b. Trash receptacles located on the premises shall not be used by the Production Company.

7. PRODUCTION COMPANY PROPERTY.a. Production Company agrees Studio Agent, Studio, its parent company, Subsidiaries, and affiliates are not responsible for:Theft, loss, or damage to any property owned by Production Company, employees of Production Company, affiliates of Production Company, third parties brought on to premises by Production Company or anyone else who is brought onto the premises by Production Company.b. Production Company shall be solely responsible for ensuring the safety and safe keeping of any and all persons and property brought onto the premises as a result of this agreement.